Here are some resources for learning to use Kinect with the Mac OSX. This reflects my own specific needs for my research, so might be less relevant if you use other operating systems, have greater knowledge of code or the Kinect, or have a different goal in mind than creating “an object to think with”. I’m assuming that, like me, you know virtually nothing about creating applications.

The following is the process for setting up using Xcode(Objective C on Mac)

The following link is a general set of instructions, which defaults to setting up on Windows(not advisable if you are working in the Mac environment!)

OpenFrameworks is a collection of templates and prepared code that you open with your IDE (Integrated Development Environment); In this case, I’m using Xcode because it is free, and since I work almost exclusively with Mac OSx and iOS, it is perhaps easier to implement.  Instead of writing everything from scratch, you can fit these chunks of code into your project, as you require. Then you can tweak as necessary.Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.42.27 AM

Additional links:

I cam to realise that using Objective-C was a good long term goal. However, to get something usable in the context of a self-guided 1 semester course, Quartz composer was a better option. I also decided to cap my short term ambitions at doing a series of projects that would constitute a simpler, interactive exhibition. More of a sketch of ideas to be further implemented.

Here are some links for Quartz Composer:

And another approach: Unity